Charlotte Nixon

Communications Specialist


“NICA’s mission is a hugely exciting, challenging, and necessary one. What excites me about my role is the opportunity I have to be involved in every part of it. Communication cuts across everything we’re doing to benefit the lives of older adults – from talking to partners, pitching products, and engaging with our VOICE community – all with the aim of transforming the discourse around ageing and longevity. I can’t wait to watch new conversations take place.”


Charlotte is NICA’s Communications Specialist. She is responsible for shaping NICA’s narrative and helping to reframe the stories around ageing and longevity. Her role involves implementing NICA’s marketing and communications strategy, specifically focusing on content creation, social media, website development, and branding. Charlotte also works with external consultants across areas such as press and PR, advertising, merchandising, and graphic design.

Charlotte graduated with a first-class honours degree in English Literature from Newcastle University, before winning the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Scholarship to study a master’s degree in Victorian Literary Studies at Durham University, for which she obtained a distinction. Charlotte’s experience in communications has spanned multiple industries, including film and TV, the UK Home Office, and the market research sector. She has also freelanced in a variety of roles, including copywriting, teaching, and social media management.

Charlotte is passionate about the power of words and believes that a well-crafted communications strategy is vital to the success of NICA’s mission. She enjoys playing her part in rethinking and reshaping the typical narratives which surround and hinder the lives of older adults.


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