Hannah Booker

Innovation Associate


“As a Geographer, I have always been fascinated about developing solutions to complex problems and working to understand user needs in our ever-changing world. By harnessing and analysing research, data and knowledge and co-designing solutions and products with the public by working alongside them, I am thrilled to be a part of a community delivering a world where we can all age better and live well”


Hannah is an Innovation Associate at NICA. She joined NICA in November 2020 with extensive experience as a consultant and planner within the transportation and construction industry, having worked on major global and UK-based projects.

Hannah was awarded a first-class degree with honours in Geography from University College London. She is bilingual, having lived in Brazil, Canada, and the UK, which drives her passion for collaborating with clients across the globe. She is experienced in the fields of consultancy, development and transport planning, data authoring and management, desk-based research and analysis and stakeholder engagement and communications.

Hannah is particularly interested in sustainability and the ways in which innovative, sustainable planning and infrastructure can drive solutions and reap health, economic, environmental and social benefits, leading to healthier cities, lifestyles, and greater connectivity.


Email: hannah.booker@newcastle.ac.uk


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