Jessica Dawes

Senior Innovation Associate


“In this role I listen to the needs and aspirations of people. I hear what would make their lives, and the lives of their families, fundamentally, better. I feel privileged to be in a position to take these insights and support positive change; working with the most creative businesses, both big and small. Engaging with VOICE is particularly fulfilling – their insights and enthusiasm is a real tonic! The team aren’t too bad either – they make NICA a fantastic place to be!”


Jessica is a Senior Innovation Associate at NICA. She manages a large portfolio of clients who require the team’s expertise to co-design and develop products and services that support us to age better. Jessica manages these projects from conception, during research, and through to their launch.

Jessica has a real interest in people that she developed while working in advertising management and completing an MSc in Psychology. Her qualifications in counselling, coupled with her experience in project management, prompted her to join NICA as the first Senior Innovation Associate. Jessica’s intention is to learn more about people – how they behave, what motives them, and what their values are – crucial knowledge which helps NICA to identify and solve their unmet needs.




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