John Dawson

Digital Platform Developer


“I love to do work for the benefit of society. This role combines my technical expertise with my enthusiasm to make the world a better place for the ageing population. I love to work in a diverse team with a vast range of skills and experience but where everyone has a common goal. Addressing the modern issues associated with ageing is key to societal progression. People are living longer, and we need to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, has the same rights, opportunities and inclusion in deciding how we move forward as a united society.”


John is the Digital Platform Developer for VOICE. His role is to manage, maintain, and develop the web application, working across its infrastructure, service desk, hosting platform, as well as tracking its analytics.

John graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in Computing Science and has worked for the university since then in a variety of roles. A short stint at the Culture Lab saw John working to provide data visualisation to a physically archived collection of poetry from the North East, rejuvenating it for a digital age. Using the skills learned in data visualisation, John then worked at Research Enterprise Services on a bespoke web application to allow the university to search for researchers with highly-cited papers in specific areas and journals. John then moved to work at the Institute for Genetic Medicine at the Centre for Life, in a team jointly funded by Newcastle University and the NHS. Working alongside web developers and data scientists in Barcelona, John was responsible for coordinating the data input into the analysis platform, providing support desk for teams wanting to use the platform, and managing the associated phenotyping application that accompanied the genetic data.

Within NICA, John is interested in finding new and innovative ways to make the platform work better for users and collaborators. He believes that working with members to enhance the platform and including them in the process is crucial to the development of the site.




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