Katherine Jacques

Engagement Project Support Officer


“I love working with VOICE members who you can learn so much from. It’s great hearing their feedback on how much they get out of being involved and how much they enjoy taking part. Not only are we working towards a longer, better life for everyone in the future, we are having a positive impact on people’s lives now.”


Katherine is the Engagement Project Support Officer at NICA. She co-ordinates the VOICE membership and the projects and opportunities members get involved in. VOICE members play a vital role at NICA, making sure the needs and priorities of older people are heard and met.

Katherine has worked in Public and Patient Involvement for more than 4 years and has an extensive expertise in community engagement and cross generational engagement. Katherine facilitates all the community interaction, recruitment and research management.


Email: katherine.jacques@newcastle.ac.uk


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We deal with ageing and longevity. So we deal, first and foremost, with people - their relationship with society, the economy, politics and innovation. Our background is as diverse and holistic as the subject we deal with requires. This is us. Nice to meet you.

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