VOICE® Research Support Group


I’m Katherine and my role at NICA is to coordinate the VOICE® membership and the opportunities they get involved in. This includes running the VOICE® Research Support Group and organising their monthly meetings. The VOICE® Research Support Group was set up as a way for researchers to receive feedback from members of the public on their projects in ageing research.

For researchers, the Research Support Group is an extremely valuable resource to make sure their research is meeting the needs and priorities of the public and to receive feedback from the people who will be affected by their research. Many who have met with the group have gone on to receive research grants and funding for their PhDs.

Not only are the Research Support Group meetings extremely useful for the researchers and their projects, but members also get a lot out of being involved in the group:

The breadth of topics covered in the Research Support Group has been so wide that I feel more in tune with current, and future, developments across society. It has been an excellent learning opportunity.

There are also personal benefits of being a member:

It’s been noted by family and friends that I’ve regained my morale and wellbeing since I became involved with [the] VOICE RSG.

Members also feel a “sense of pride and purpose…in helping in ground-breaking research which has the potential to improve lives.”

I feel proud that these monthly meetings can help make a difference in the lives of those directly involved as well as the lives of those who the research will help in the future.