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What lies ahead? We use Horizoning® to see your future (before others do it for you)

What’s in the pipeline? What’s the next ‘big thing’ that will matter to older adults? Or better: what is meaningful for your business and for the people you want to serve? We bring value to clients through our Ageing Intelligence Insights evidence and data driven future scanning and trend analysis programme called Horizoning®.


Challenging our own vision and ideas and imagining what’s possible for people, place and planet.

We know how to identify the key questions, unmet needs and ‘unknown unknowns’.  We have access to the latest data and our work is rooted in real citizen needs as we draw on over a decade of citizen insights knowledge.

Through Horizoning®, we share a purpose to together challenge assumptions, change mindsets and imagine and anticipate radically different future scenarios. We identify and interpret future trends and explore possibilities – focusing not only on “what is” but to creatively and imaginatively consider “what if”?

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Our Ageing Intelligence® Insights help clients to gain an understanding of longevity economies and how this relates to their business, sector or target market. Through desk research we integrate and cross-check sources of intelligence to understand the story behind the data, validating research and market knowledge with citizen insights. NICA is uniquely placed to gain access to the latest data on ageing and longevity from around the world and utilise capabilities from our research ecosystem.

Insights can be used for assessing identified themes and issues for consumers and their stakeholders, market analysis, sector profiling, understanding older populations and trajectories, and background information.


Explore ageing and longevity through a new lens. Our Horizoning® Reports are developed by our team of horizon scanning professionals and methodologically validated in the field by a team of VOICE members.

We explore a range of different fields of interest aligned to our strategic ageing and longevity themes, operating as a permanent observatory of the trends of the present future.

Our progressive reports (by subject or categories) can be purchased individually or on a subscription basis.


Building on our Ageing Intelligence Insights work, we are able to work with clients to further develop findings into focused or bespoke outputs. For example, to meet the needs of several business functions or to align to a client’s own reporting style. Our plus model also allows us to focus in on key demographics, geographies or markets where required, accessing precise data sets and brining in expertise to add an additional layer of knowledge.


A new class of reports bespoke to our clients, designed to outthink current entrenched ideas. To give a range of possible options and new narratives and translate these ideas into real, meaningful and visible commercial and societal impact:
• Emerging future trends exploration
• Co-design research shaped by VOICE®
• Technology and market envisioning.


We partner with public and private organisations to jointly develop innovative research streams in ageing and longevity and leverage research grants/ funding.

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Data and Insights

We merge human experience with research knowledge and market data, turning this into people-driven insight.

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Experience and Design

Translate insights into practical solutions through understanding real human experiences.

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Online Learning

Leveraging everyday life experiences and life transitions to support employees and individuals.

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Our super-power? Connecting the invisible dots.

  • In ageing innovation, we design and develop with older adults and their stakeholders for older adults (but not just older adults).
  • We help organisations develop new business, products, and services. We translate research suggestions into actions and solutions.
  • We welcome ageing innovation ideas and techs, connect them with businesses, and help them to thrive.
  • We partner with global organisations to change the narrative.
  • We merge human and machines, providing powered insights. We’ve developed a novel approach combining traditional techniques of human engagement with data driven technique.

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With our Membership programme we offer to a selected group of innovative companies the opportunities to join us on a day-to-day journey in helping people live longer, healthier and happier lives.

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