Our Manifesto

If there's one thing the world needs today, it's Intelligence. However, while Intelligence is necessary, it’s not sufficient to solve the many complex issues affecting humanity.


Intelligence is everywhere – driven by human genius and hunger for progress, evolving and advancing as we push the boundaries of what is possible.

Daily new discoveries and inventions demonstrate the extraordinary brilliance of people to create tools and solutions unimaginable only a few years earlier.

Intelligence is in data – from research, from a myriad of initiatives and projects, current, past and future.

But Intelligence is also in human experience, shared knowledge and wisdom.

And it’s found in emotions – there are deep insights in what people and their loved ones communicate, feel, want and need.

Crucial yet disparate and largely imperceptible fragments of knowledge, collected over the phases of our lifetime.

Imagine if we integrated these different sources intelligence – and had the power to harness people’s lived experience, their professional experience, amplify greater understanding of people’s aspirations and desires, and merge the strengths and capabilities of different generations and cultures?

We aim to combine these valuable assets and knowledge across humans and leverage artificial intelligence and big data, with deliberation, ethics and technical ingenuity.

We call it Ageing Intelligence®


Intelligence and Experience are lifelong processes

Intelligence is in all of us - let’s leverage our individual and collective knowledge, wisdom and voice.


Become good ancestors

Everyone is accountable, promote responsibility, nurture reciprocity across different stages of life, escape short-terminism to consider the legacy for present and future generations.


KPI (Keep Positive Instincts)

Measure impact and take evidence-based decisions honouring data that makes you who you are.


Technology is a facilitator of interactions, not a substitute for relationships

Leverage a new, circular, wiser, and shared ecosystem by truly addressing core human needs, wants and desires.


Good design is (always) good business*

Universal design is not enough: scalability, customisation, and aesthetics need to seamlessly coexist.


Nobody owns an entire ecosystem (but everybody would enjoy the entire picture)

The complexity of the challenges ahead needs a new choreography and new shared skills to address the dance of life.


There is no business without data, ethics, sustainability

One leads to the other. All lead to a better planet.


Embracing diversity strengthens equality

Explore the intersections around how similar we are, even if we go about life differently.


All users are human, but not all humans are users

First, value human capital, knowledge and experiences.


Intelligent solutions are just intelligent

Find meanings in the everyday, and search for simplicity whilst respecting complexity.

*This is a quote from T.J.Watson we slightly updated

Director's Briefing

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