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Merge the power of human + machine

Combining our deep understanding of ageing, longevity economies, and human experience with machine powered insights, we can help revolutionise how organisations approach older adults and their stakeholders to bring new offerings to market.


We are experts in ageing and longevity economies.

Our knowledge, grounded in citizen insights, and augmented by access to world-class academic research, market intelligence and data, helps clients to develop real-world solutions to deliver return-on-society and business growth.

Through our advisory services, we partner with clients to add a layer of intelligence.  We work together with organisations to seize the opportunities for ageing populations and longevity economies based on data and people’s real needs, desires and insights  We put aside outdated myths, beliefs and stereotypes, to understand what is useful and necessary to combat the social, health and economic inequalities that we face today and in the future.

NICA is developing novel approaches to combine traditional human engagement techniques with data driven systems.  We aim to harness the incredible mental capital, experiences and emotions, of each individual.  To map the interactions and life experiences of people at a new level so that organisations can truly understand older consumers and access this information readily to revolutionise their market approach.

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Front door access to Ageing and Longevity knowledge and expertise and a holistic approach to a client’s needs. This service is an entry point for our wider membership offer and encompasses the development of Joint Requirement Definitions & and an ongoing responsive partnership with NICA.

Through expert consultancy services, NICA’s senior team work with a client to develop an initial Joint Requirement Definition. This defines objectives, explores main strategic goals, time constraints and obligations, markets and target population, etc. to develop an overall activity plan.

At NICA we are aware that while no one owns an entire ecosystem, everyone would enjoy the entire picture. This service allows clients to have privileged access to our knowledge, expertise, ecosystem and network of organisations, researchers, enterprises and thought-leaders in Ageing and Longevity.

Our Ageing Intelligence Advisory service is built around the needs of a client but can typically entail ~60 hours expert consultancy services and a range of additional options such as:
• Research Landscape mapping to understand the key players in the ageing and longevity ecosystem;
• Innovation networking to actively promote and suggest meaningful collaborations and partnerships between small and large, private and public organisations;
• Access to Longevity As a Service (LAAS) cluster


A global observatory on ageing and longevity; harnessing, integrating and analysing research, data, knowledge and best-practices worldwide.

The Ageing Intelligence Insight Data Platform is a comprehensive (human) data-driven insight tool. It has been built to leverage immense human knowledge and experience through big data and artificial intelligence technologies, and add meaning to it, enabling the constant generation of new insights. It consists of evidence synthesis, market, pipeline and trend analysis, horizon scanning, alongside deep-dive consumer insights.

This enables businesses to quickly search and research market gaps, innovation opportunities, consumer insights, future trends, conduct analysis and utilise in-built data visualisation capability to present these in engaging ways.


We help to accelerate the next generation of innovators as well as helping well established organisations and global enterprises to develop new services or business models inside their business units.

Thanks to our expertise of consumers’ desires and needs we are also well placed to advise capital investors and accelerator programmes, both in scouting and defining meaningful investment opportunities (for the market and older consumers) and through citizen insight events for groups of entrepreneurs.


Add some Qual to your Quant and really get to know your customers or target market. Through our Digital ethnography services we help clients to gain an understanding of how older people actually experience life, brands, products and services. Bring your customers into focus and add a new dimension to the innovation process.

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Experience and Design

Translate insights into practical solutions through understanding real human experiences.

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We help identify the foreseeable and unexpected shifts leveraged by the demographic revolution.

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Online Learning

Leveraging everyday life experiences and life transitions to support employees and individuals.

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Our super-power? Connecting the invisible dots.

  • In ageing innovation, we design and develop with older adults and their stakeholders for older adults (but not just older adults).
  • We help organisations develop new business, products, and services. We translate research suggestions into actions and solutions.
  • We welcome ageing innovation ideas and techs, connect them with businesses, and help them to thrive.
  • We partner with global organisations to change the narrative.
  • We merge human and machines, providing powered insights.

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With our Membership programme we offer to a selected group of innovative companies the opportunities to join us on a day-to-day journey in helping people live longer, healthier and happier lives.

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