Voice®: Harnessing the human experience of all generations

Voice® is a unique organisation, comprising a large network of citizens across the UK and internationally. Members contribute immense insights, experience, ideas and vision to identify unmet needs and opportunities, drive innovation for ageing and improve health research.


Voice® identifies the unmet needs, priorities and aspirations of the public related to healthy ageing and longevity economies. Voice® members work in partnership with businesses to de-risk innovation, utilising the immense knowledge and experience of the public through the journey from a good idea to a commercially available product or service.

Lynne Corner
Director of Voice / COO of NICA

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Voice® is a unique organisation – a diverse, thriving international network of thousands of citizens, embedded in NICA.

“Amplified by Voice” is the branding we use when empowering international communities by providing technology, knowledge, expertise and networking.


Voice® harnesses the insights, wisdom, vision, and experience of the public, of all ages, all backgrounds, and has particular expertise in harnessing the immense contribution and skills of older citizens. We have been successfully building and operating our thriving and successful citizen engagement network for over 10 years and are constantly evolving our advanced digital platforms to make reaching and connecting different people and communities as easy and effective as possible.


Closely collaborating with selected partners, Voice® is rapidly expanding across the globe. Nurturing a growing international community of ‘innovation savvy citizens’ we are leading global dialogue and debate with citizens, co-designing, co-developing and testing in real-world, real-time settings what is needed and wanted for happier, healthier lives.

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Nurturing a growing international community of 'innovation savvy citizens'. We are leading global dialogue and debate with all generations.

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Cross Generation Conversation

The ageing population is not an easily defined market or simple user group. It’s an incredibly diverse human, global audience with widely varying needs, habits, technical abilities, and more.

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