Our Approach

We translate research into actions and solutions: empowered by our choreography and fueled by academic background, organisations can practically observe, evaluate, adapt and scale the impact of possible solutions with real users, in real contexts and scenarios understanding the impacts and the opportunities hidden in cross-industries interactions.

Data platform & value-added services
Customised methodology & proprietary assets
Ageing Intelligence®
Business oriented focus & consultancy approach

Ageing Intelligence® Insight Data platform: Harnessing, integrating and analysing research, data, knowledge and best-practices world-wide.

Ageing in Translation: Collecting and synthesising behavioural & market data, analysing trends and generating and amplifying insights from NICA-led projects involving citizens, research, & business.

Ageing Intelligence® Experience Design: Human-centric principles & processes that drive alignment, focus on innovation, and quickly deliver value to individuals, organisations and markets.

Introducing Ageing Intelligence®

Our Ageing Intelligence® is a comprehensive data-driven approach - leveraging a combination of human knowledge and experience, data analysis, and real-world applied testing and research.

We help organisations to tackle the longevity economy opportunities though evidence synthesis, deep market and trend analysis, horizon scanning and consumer insights gathered by our proprietary methodological approach.

Ageing in translation: our super-power in connecting the invisible dots

With our business-oriented approach, we guide customers and partners to discover the possible hidden interactions between different industries, that could enable innovative business opportunities and revenue streams. We ensure opportunities are challenged through our four cross-cutting filters and through our proprietary reference index to emphasise and measure the RoS (Return on Society). Click on each title to read more.

Healthy Longevity


Intergenerational Narrative

Climate Change


Rural Areas

Mobility & Transportation



Fashion & Beauty


Financial Services

VOICE®: Meet our team of 8000+ co-designers

VOICE® is a diverse, thriving international network of thousands of citizens of all ages, embedded in NICA. Through VOICE®, we harness the intelligence, insights, wisdom, vision and experience of the public. By sustaining ongoing conversations between generations, co-designing, co-developing, and testing in real-world, real-time settings we develop what is needed and wanted for happier, healthier lives.

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