For us everyday is the International Day of Older Persons (but we have planned something special anyway)

With an Exhibition of our Ageing Intelligence Ambassadors opening on 1st October


International Day of Older Persons

At NICA we dedicate every single second of our time and work to listen, understand, learn from the older adults so that we can fulfil our mission of innovation that we have synthetized in “adding intelligence to ageing and longevity”.

So we can properly say that for us every day is a bit like International Older Person’s Day.

However, it is important to take the opportunity of an entire day dedicated to ageing to take a little break, cut out a whole day in the frenzy of our daily life, and reflect a moment before celebrating together. The most important thing to reflect on is perhaps, for those who have not yet agreed, how age is still considered as a discriminating factor and old age is automatically associated with concepts of vulnerability or even expendability. COVID-19 shouted this irrefutable truth to us during a good part of the terrible spring just gone by. Sadly, if this is still the mainstream that we (globally) socially find ourselves observing, we are then all called to contribute with a new narrative and a different vision of ourselves in our different stages of life.

This is why then it is really worth making this day at least as special as the other 364 should be. To celebrate what? To celebrate the life and knowledge and experience and the diversity and uniqueness of each one of us regardless of age.

At NICA we decided to do this through three main events.

Ageing Intelligence Ambassadors Exhibition

Today we are opening our Ageing Intelligence Ambassadors Exhibition. The launch will showcase engaging and insightful images taken of NICA’s ageing intelligence ambassadors during lockdown, who accepted to supporter our strategic paradigm named Ageing Intelligence®.

Through this approach we want to harness the incredible potential of all of us in our process of ageing and make it available to other organizations with the purpose to build a better planet leveraging our own intelligence. The exhibition shows the portraits of ten people who don’t want to teach us anything or represent any role model. They simply chose to tell who they are to help us show how much richness there is in each of us. Ten profiles of people like each one of us: extraordinary and unique, whatever the stage of life we are in. Read more about it in the press release. Click here to view our digital brochure.

The Multiverse Lab: New online experience to shape the future of health research in North East England

“What is the health research breakthrough you hope to see in your lifetime?”
Residents living north of the Tyne are being asked to take part in a new interactive, online experience called Multiverse Lab that will shape the future of health research in North East England.

Created by the award-winning Unfolding Theatre, Multiverse Lab will gather the opinions of 2,000 people finding what matters to local people when it comes to their health. Visitors will be encouraged to add their voice by recording a message that will be shared with researchers and decision-makers to shape future health research in the region.

The project has been commissioned by us, VOICE, jointly with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and Newcastle University.

The EveryDay celebration of ageing diversity

Since March 2020 we launched our everyday celebration of ageing diversity: a dazzling LED lightshow at the Catalyst live every evening from 8pm-9pm will round off the day and celebrate positive ageing, in the same way we end every day. We believe ageing is a positive, colourful experience so why not wander past the Catalyst and enjoy the show!

Come and celebrate with us.