Horizoning™ Report: Exploring the Future of Mobility and Gait in China

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Mobility and gait are areas that we all interact with daily, from the shoes we wear to the transport we take to school, work, and leisure activities. As we age, our ability to remain independent and access the activities we love can become increasingly reliant on the technologies we employ to assist us; however, the need for mobility and gait solutions is omnipresent across our lives and their usage can dramatically affect our health and wellbeing from a young age.

In the years to come, we envision that mobility solutions (from self-driving vehicles to exoskeletons and phone applications to micromobility) will be viewed as an opportunity to improve the lives and longevity of all; touching not only our ability to access our community as we age but to improve it as well. For instance, a vehicle that you take to attend social events to improve your mental health could simultaneously clean the air you breathe benefiting you and the wider community.

Towards this, our Horizoning™ report identifies relevant opportunities arising from trends within the mobility and gait landscape to cope with the complex social, economic, and healthcare challenges presented by ageing societies worldwide. Looking beyond currently entrenched ideas concerning ageing and longevity, it suggests a range of possible options and new narratives for real, meaningful, and visible commercial and societal impact – locally, nationally, and globally.

The report is intended as a thought-provocation piece to inform the development of innovative mobility solutions and is intended to inspire and catalyse new approaches to healthy longevity and contribute to economic growth. Moreover, with its focus on China the report is designed to help your company act on key trends to connect with and flourish in the Chinese market. Here at the UK’s National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA), we can help you take these approaches further with our unique branded approach, Ageing Intelligence® – combining research expertise in understanding the correlation between market demands, industry dynamics and people’s needs, applying to that the latest in artificial intelligence and evidence from big data, alongside what is arguably the key intelligence: human experience.

Report contents

  • Why society is desperate for ageing-friendly urban renewal and product innovation to support mobility and gait in older adults
  • Which trends will define empowerment of older adults’ mobility in years to come
  • Retaining autonomy as we age through innovation
  • Innovations fostering equality and accessibility
  • How can mobility solutions be used to bring about healthier, more liveable, and less polluted communities?

These activities are funded through the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Fund for International Collaboration (FIC), delivered by Innovate UK, part of UKRI.

A new Accelerator programme which will help ambitious businesses to access these exciting opportunities in a fast growing market will be starting in September 2022. We’ll be providing more information shortly but if you’d like to make sure you get personally notified when registration opens then please email David Calder right away via david.calder@ktn-uk.org.

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