The Future of Age Exhibition arrives in Dundee

The Future of Ageing Exhibition is on the move!


GITA at London Design Week, September 2022

Following a very successful event during London’s Design Week we are very proud to announce that our GITA robot will, once again, take pride of place when the Future of Ageing Exhibition arrives in Dundee.

We are very excited to be a partner in this endeavour, and our GITA robot will be on display. Created by Piaggio Fast Forward NICA is testing its potential and possibilities for an ageing population to understand better if and how robots are accepted by people and what interactions can be beneficial to our longevity journey: companionship? Will they encourage people to exercise more? Will people become more visible to society as a result?

From Oct 12 to January 22nd, visitors to the V&A museum in Dundee will be able to see this and a whole host of exciting developments in the field of ageing and explore how designers respond to an ageing population.

In total, the exhibition will showcase six projects being supported by the Institute, including: ‘Hearing Birdsong’ created by Kennedy Woods; Growing Together Garden, developing an intergenerational space at the Design Museum; This Age Thing, a community of age advocates, not to mention ‘The Centaur’ created by CENTAUR ROBOTICS LIMITED; and Home Office to Age in Place created by Northumbria University, two projects NICA contributed to.

We are sure the exhibit will inspire visitors to see what NICA and others collectively are working on in this field and leverage future solutions for an ageing population and their stakeholders.