Save the date — Superfast VOICE Getting Ready to Go Global.

Make sure you have the 15th March in your diary.


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Make sure you have the 15th March in your diary. 

After 18 months of behind-the-scenes work, Voice is going to get a whole lot easier for people around the world to set and shape the agenda on how we live better, longer, and happier lives.

In 2016 we built and launched the first Voice digital platform and since then we have gone from strength to strength. Right now, we have over 8000+ Voice members in the UK alone and are growing daily. And we are getting ready to become even bigger and better. To make sure your voice is heard, wherever you are in the world. 

“It gives me pleasure and pride to be involved with the vitality of research and innovation as an older person valued by Voice.” 

— Voice member. 

On March 15th, 2023, we are excited to be turning on our new brand-new digital platform. This will ensure we are ready to realise our global vision for Voice, as the go to place where people of all ages around the world can help shape how we live and thrive at all stages of our lives. Building on the amazing Voice network in the UK, we will soon be joined by Voice Canada and Italy, followed by Voice Singapore, Taiwan and Australia shortly after and many more in the pipeline. 

Voice Global

We are making sure that everyone around the world has the chance to share their voice, wisdom, knowledge and lived experience to the conversation. To offer everyone, of all ages, opportunities to partner with universities, research organisations and businesses to help innovate not just what we need, but what we want. Together we will take Voice Global and establish and connect Voice citizen communities around the world, creating a truly international dialogue for global change. 

Key dates for your diary:  

— Friday 3rd March – Tuesday 14th March 2023 // The Voice platform will be taken offline to manage the transition to the new one.  

— Wednesday 15th March // New platform launches! You will receive an email with an activation link to create your Voice account. You must click this link as your existing Voice login details will not be valid on the new platform.  

We’re super excited to share this monumental moment in Voice history with you. Make sure you join us in the next stage of our collective journey to help us all live longer and better.

Join us!

If you are inspired to join Voice and have the chance to have your voice heard in shaping our future lives, you can email us at while we are transitioning to the new platform.