Our Quantum Leap for Longer and Healthier Lives.

Discover how we are building the planet’s biggest shared knowledge platform.


Quantum Healthy Longevity 

On March 29th, we held a landmark event at NICA HQ in partnership with Collider Health’s Tina Woods.

The event heralded  an important step to showcase the significance and scope of Healthy Longevity. We are building the planet’s biggest shared knowledge platform identifying the factors that help or hinder us live the longest and healthiest lives possible. A platform which represents a ‘living lab for health,’ connecting data and science to nurture healthy people, planet, and economic growth.

Health Inequality

Each year that goes by we gain a greater understanding of what makes some people live longer, better lives. Yet there is still a terrible health inequality problem with a roughly 20-year difference in healthy life expectancy between richest and poorest. And while significant investment has already been made in tackling these issues, we need to act faster and wider if we are going to have any hope in helping the second billion people of the world’s population who will soon be over 60 not just survive but thrive.

The Quantum Leap

At the end of 2022 the UK National Innovation Centre, in partnership with Collider Health, developed the Quantum Healthy Longevity Innovation Mission.   It was clear, there needed to be a huge shift in thinking — a quantum leap — to make the real change that is desperately needed for both quality and quantity of life. This included a call for international leaders from the worlds of science, psychology, government, data, and frontier technologies including artificial intelligence to join up and work together to identify the real factors that are preventing us from living the long and healthy lives we could and should enjoy – and how best to achieve this.

The future

The mission of Quantum Longevity  looks at how we can map the exposome, the system of all external factors that influence our health and wellbeing. These factors which affect how well or poorly we live, collectively known as the exposome, include the food we eat, the air we breathe, the objects we touch, our belief structures, the psychological stresses we face, and the activities and people with whom we engage.

This is an issue where we all have a personal stake. It was wonderful and encouraging to see so many data, behavioural and life scientists and other stakeholders wanting to be involved in supporting our mission — start-ups, SMEs, industry leaders, policymakers, researchers, commissioners, and investors.

Longevity is an issue that affects us all, so let’s make that quantum leap together. 

You can read more about the launch of the Quantum Healthy Longevity Innovation Mission in the Lancet here. And Prospect Magazine here.