This Curious Life - A New Storytelling Platform

NICA and Voice® have a new storytelling platform


This Curious Life

Curiosity, Optimism, Innovation

At NICA & Voice®, the power of innovation and curiosity intertwines seamlessly. By harnessing the extraordinary superpower of curiosity, we are rewriting the narrative on how to prepare for longevity. We are encouraging a powerful sense of optimism regarding the boundless potential that #ageingintelligence and innovation holds for billions of individuals, leading to lives that are not just longer but better and happier.
Through collaboration, we can unlock our combined collective wisdom, ensuring that each of us can enjoy a long, healthy, and fulfilling life. It is our collective wisdom that has the potential to overturn the prevailing negative perception of ageing, replacing it with a narrative brimming with hope and promise, here and now. Regardless of age, everyone possesses a unique wellspring of wisdom, experience, and knowledge, allowing us to transform the vision of a long and hopeful life into a reality for everyone.

With this vision in mind, we proudly unveil “This Curious Life,” the new storytelling magazine brought to you by NICA and Voice®.  While it is in its early stage, it already holds a treasure trove of stories that nourish both the intellect and the soul, igniting a sense of curiosity that encourages us to ask why, why not and how.

It is your platform where you can pose questions, as well as contribute your own invaluable wisdom and experiences, which have the potential to not only extend your lifespan but also enhance the quality of your existence and the ones your love on our extraordinary planet.

Curiosity can really help you live longer.

Isn’t it time you became more curious?


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