Sam Monery

Innovation Consultant


Sam Monery

“Exploring the opportunities for businesses and people in ambiguous and complex landscapes has been a strong driver of mine throughout my studies and career so far, and I am fascinated by the relationship between the longevity economy and innovation, and how we can utilise technology to foster social inclusivity and unlock the full potential of people, leading to a more connected future for all.”

Sam is an Innovation Consultant for the North of Tyne Combined Authority’s Internet of Caring Things Programme at NICA. He joined the team in August 2023.

Prior to joining NICA Sam achieved a distinction in MA Multidisciplinary Innovation at Postgraduate level from Northumbria University, where he collaborated with a variety of organisations such as the NHS and Unilever on design and strategic-led innovation projects. Following his studies Sam worked within Innovation & Technology in the maritime industry, leading multiple projects focussed on digital upskilling, process automation, and SME collaboration.