NICA Chief Development Officer, Patrick Bonnett, named Global Ageing Influencer

The 9th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards Ceremony was held in-person in Singapore and broadcasted virtually globally on 3 December 2021 at the finale of Ageing Asia's World Ageing Festival.


The Global Ageing Influencer awards go to the top global influential thought leaders driving innovation and changing the future of #geing. Congratulations to Patrick and the other awardees!

Professor Patrick Bonnett said:

I’m delighted to be recognised at ‘The Oscars of the Eldercare Industry’ as a 2021 Global Ageing Influencer. The award is testimony to the vision and hard work of all my colleagues at NICA and a reflection of the exciting work we are doing with partners in the Asia Pacific Region.

For more information on the World Ageing Festival, check out Ageing Asia’s website.