Putting lived experience at the heart of innovation

It has been fantastic to join the UK Research and Innovation and Centre for Ageing Better's Healthy Ageing 2021 conference this week.


Our COO and Director of VOICE® Lynne Corner also chaired an insightful panel discussion this morning on ‘Innovating for success – putting lived experience at the heart of innovation’.

Our sister organisation, VOICE®, is now an international organisation, established to harness the immense lived and professional experience of the public. It enables people to share their stories, insights, experiences, and individual and collected wisdom on what is needed for them to age well, and what people at different stages of life aspire to have. Actively and meaningfully engaging people in co-developing solutions to healthy ageing is hugely important to us.

As consumers, though, we are desperate to go beyond assumptions and the mere collection of stories. Important as this is, we largely know already what the key issues are. What we increasingly need is businesses and organisations to produce effective ways of engaging with us as users, in co-developing products and services, from the early germ of idea and concept through to delivery. The more this happens, the more chance that a businesses’ products and services will meet the needs of their audiences and indeed gain investment and commercial success.

We can raise the bar, and make sure that we are world-leading in bringing to market – and into people’s homes – a wide range of thoughtful, well-conceived products to truly add value.

We are delighted to be working closely with Helen Crampin and Julia Glenn at UKRI to ensure lived experience is embedded in innovation.

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