In Conversation With... Shiti Rastogi Manghani


The topic of changing our lifestyles is intrinsically linked to healthy longevity; perhaps it’s decisive rather than an ancillary element. Indeed, what is the point of promoting all the innovations, research, and recommendations if we do not implement them? And the technological evolution that we are all experiencing, promoting, or exploring is probably the most effective accelerator we have at our disposal to ensure that this portion of the century can be remembered as the one that allowed us to progress from a tussled 20th century metric of life expectancy to embrace the more meaningful one of healthy life expectancy.

So, what are the technologies that could allow us this acceleration? At NICA, we have the word “innovation” in the title. Therefore, it is our duty and task (and sheer pleasure) to constantly monitor what is happening around us, to understand the opportunities, complexities, and impacts on older adults and an ageing population, i.e. all of us. With this in mind, we started a dialogue with STEPN, a platform designed to engage online communities and promote a more active lifestyle by merging the web3, cryptocurrency rewards and non-fungible tokens (NFT) technologies while leveraging the sneakers market phenomenon, which seems to know no rest.

It sounds like a theme for GenZ, doesn’t it? It probably only seems so to those who might think that older people are not interested in being part of these innovations or – even worse – unable to make them their own. This technological evolution is happening now; it is all around us, reaching the masses much faster than we have the honesty to recognise. The biggest mistake would be to snub it or consider it useless. Instead, it is time to understand it to identify its potential, risks, and benefits. We asked Shiti Rastogi Manghani (shiti.eth), Chief Marketing Officer at STEPN, to explain their approach, vision, and market strategy to us. Stay tuned with us on this topic. It is running fast, by definition.