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We are continually developing partnerships with strategic organisations where mutual interaction, ethical principles, vision and market approaches are shared and beneficial to all involved.


Ageing well, for longer is a global challenge – and a major societal opportunity if we get it right. The UK’s National Innovation Centre for Ageing is actively engaged with businesses and public sector partners across the world. Global by design, collaborative by instinct, we are working in locations including the USA, Nordic and Baltics, the geography of Taiwan, Australia and mainland China.

Patrick Bonnett
Development Director

This is an ongoing process, leveraging NICA’s position as the UK’s National Innovation Centre for Ageing, as an organisation leading in the commercialisation of products and services related to healthy ageing.

Together with VOICE® we are currently working to crystallise these interactions and develop active VOICE® citizen chapters in the USA, Singapore, the geography of Taiwan, mainland China, Australia, and the Nordic and Baltic regions. This represents a gateway to allow our clients and partners to access and understand global markets from a privileged path and engage with people from diverse cultural and personal backgrounds.

Ageing is not one-size-fits-all process, and local socio-economic factors are key elements to be considered in designing a more equal and inclusive society, as well as a healthier and engaged community for longer.

VOICE®: Meet our team of 8000+ co-designers

VOICE® is a diverse, thriving international network of thousands of citizens of all ages, embedded in NICA. Through VOICE®, we harness the intelligence, insights, wisdom, vision and experience of the public. By sustaining ongoing conversations between generations, co-designing, co-developing, and testing in real-world, real-time settings we develop what is needed and wanted for happier, healthier lives.

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