Innovation SuperNetwork's 'Unlocking University Expertise' event.

Our IoCT Cluster Manager attended the Innovation SuperNetwork's 'Unlocking University Expertise' event.


a panel discussion

IoCT attend Innovation SuperNetwork ‘Unlocking University Expertise’ event

Our Internet of Caring Things (IoCT) Cluster Manager Claire Robinson, attended the Innovation SuperNetwork ‘Unlocking University Expertise’ event.

It was lovely to hear from all of the region’s universities in an interesting panel discussing ‘How Do Universities Engage With HE Institutions.’

Dr Omar Al-Janabi AUA ARMA’s message to businesses was “even if businesses aren’t sure if a programme of support is right for them to make contact as we will generally know someone who can help you. We are not afraid to contact other support programmes or other universities if they can support you.”

In the second session of talks we heard about various case studies of businesses working with universities to bring their products to market. There were plenty of examples of the support universities are offering businesses, including our own IoCT fully funded support programme.

Events like this really help IoCT to make sure our fabulous North of Tyne Combined Authority based businesses get the right support at the right time and take advantage of all of the relevant strands of funding and funded support.