NICA at United Nations House, Málaga.

VOICE Director Lynne Corner heads to Málaga, to strengthen collaboration with GIA


Lynne Corner at UN House, Malaga


Collaboration at United Nations House, Málaga,

VOICE Director Lynne Corner, is today at United Nations House in Málaga to encourage and strengthen the collaboration between NICA and the Global Initiative on Ageing (GIA).

She is also there to  exchange shared perspectives with UNITAR on International Good Practice on Ageing with the amazing Silvia Candamil Neira, Vice President at GIA and inspirational Luis Gallegos, President  of the Board of UNITAR, Lots of inspirational people to talk with especially Dr Ira Sobel, Director of Fintech for Longevity Academy and Mehbs Remtulla, Founder and CEO at What’s neXT?

Whilst in Málaga, Lynne Corner will be discussing the need for a UN Convention for Human Rights for Older People.  High on the list of priorities is to emphasise the need for NICA now and in the future,  and to showcase how VOICE is amplifying the VOICE of older people, harnessing citizen’s experience and knowledge.