Ermanno Lazzarin

Founder of menswear brand ERAL55

What has been important in your life you’d like to share from your vision and expertise? 

“I have always thought that fashion is a declaration of our freedom. The freedom to choose whether to conform to what others tell us or to be who we are. When I opened the windows of my store in the heart of Milan, Italy in 1976, I always did everything so that the fashion I designed and displayed did not resemble anyone, let alone a model that repeated itself with the fashion seasons. I did everything so that those who passed in front of my windows would not look at them without passion, without love or hate, and that the reflection of their image in the glass would resemble a man who is not at all ordinary. In fact, extraordinary, just like any of us, whatever the culture, the origin, the stage of life.”


Ermanno founded ERAL55 in 1976 after working part-time as a shop assistant in a surveyor’s shop. He is an icon of mens style in Milan and one of the few forging a different path from the wider fashion industry’s movement toward streetwear and casual style. Lately, he himself, his store, and his private label Sartoria Lazzarin have garnered a loyal following across the world in Japan, where sophisticated, discerning menswear customers are embracing his “old school” charm and philosophy around dressing.


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