Francesca Vecchioni

President of Diversity, journalist & consultant

“There was a definite turning point, which led me to found Diversity and engage as an activist. It was the moment in which I fully understood the responsibility that everyone has  to their own personal sphere, and how much this sphere can always grow. I realised it thanks to motherhood. Before the birth of my daughters, I was convinced that I should constantly teach them something, but the truth is that I learned a lot. The great value of growing, and of going through each phase of our life, is understanding what we still have to learn. It is to unhinge prejudice.”


Francesca Vecchioni is an expert in communication, media languages, hate speech and human rights. She is an inclusion trainer, with a deep knowledge on discrimination, diversity management and unconscious bias and President of Diversity – a non-profit organisation committed to promoting social inclusion and organisational well-being through research, training, monitoring, consultancy and advocacy activities. Francesca is also a diversity and inclusion consultant for some of the main Italian and foreign companies.

By combining Institutions, Universities, Media and the business world, she created the Diversity Media Awards (DMA), a research project and media event dedicated to the representation of all areas of diversity in communication, and the Diversity Brand Summit (DBS), which identifies the brands considered more inclusive – always with reference to the areas of diversity -, and measures the economic value generated on the basis of an annual consumer based research (Diversity Brand Index). In 2018, with Diversity, she created and promoted the #diversitywins and “Lega del Lieto Fine” campaigns and conceived the first experiment of unified network transmission of a TruLive streaming event shared by the main Italian broadcasters.


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