Lorella Zanardo

Women’s Rights Activist

What has been important in your life you’d like to share from your vision and expertise?

“I believe that living means taking sides. My lifelong I tried to be a real citizen, to take part, to struggle against indifference.

‘I care’ has always been my motto.  Therefore I never spent a single day in life without engaging in what I considered the important issues in society.”


Lorella Zanardo is a women’s rights activist and author of the documentary ” The body of women ” a denunciation of the banal and humiliating representation of women on television, in a short time it was seen by millions of people, translated into six languages ​​with great national and international response. In her book “The Body of Women” published by Feltrinelli Lorella deepened the theme of the influence of the media in our lives.

Together with other activists, she conceived the educational path “ New eyes for the media ”,  to train adolescents on the subject of image education as an instrument of active citizenship. For seven years, she has dedicated herself to raising the level of awareness on the representation of women in the media.

Lorella is on the Board of Directors of Winconference , an international organization of professional women. She is a Speaker appreciated at international conferences on the theme of female empowerment and women’s rights, a lecturer in Eastern countries during the transition of the nineties and trainer and consultant on projects of the European Community. A Member of the Commission for the drafting of the “Internet Bill of Rights” of the Italian Parliament, Lorella was one of the first women to hold executive positions in large organisations in Italy and Paris for years. She has dealt with Diversity Management, Complex Organisations Management and Female Leadership, and as an entrepreneur created a consultancy company linked to sports as a team building practice.

Lorella has a Masters in Business Management and graduated, after a period of study in Oxford and Munich, in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures with a thesis on Contemporary English Theatre. Theatre was, and remains, her great passion. The TIAW World of Difference Award recognized her as one of the amazing individuals whose efforts have advanced the economic empowerment of women in her country.


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