Marco Pozzi

Film Director

“I have always preferred Visions to Previsions in the belief that only visionaries manage to be truly revolutionary. I dream of a world in which the human being is able to SEE, to really see what he is looking at. A world that lives the sense of time and gives meaning to Time, accepting the sense of limit, finitude. A world that reads crises (ecological, Covid19, etc.) as an opportunity. A world in which Humanity, Technology and Ethics go hand in hand. An original, unruly and imaginative human ecosystem in which Intelligence and Consciousness walk together.”


Marco graduated in Literature at the Catholic University of Milan, and is currently a film and advertising director, and a university professor where Marco is in charge of developing creative and cross-media projects.

In 2015 he founded Quelquechose, a cross-media communication and audio-visual content production studio formed by a team of creative and communication professionals.

He has carried out research in the History of cinema theories at the Catholic University of Milan and has taught Theory and technique of film and television direction for over a decade at the ILUM University of Milan.

Marco was a part of the group “Ipotesi Cinema”, co-ordinated and directed by Ermanno Olmi.

He has also directed commercials and institutional films for prestigious Italian and international companies and has created video installations for institutions, museums and companies. Marco has conceived and co-ordinated the creative development of cross-media communication projects and apps for institutions, museums and brands.

As a film director he made the short fiction films Assolo, Doom and Cra-cra obtaining important prizes and awards in important international festivals (Venice, Clermond Ferrand, Theran, Valencia, Montreal).

Since 2000 he has directed:

  • The film entitled 20-Venti previewed at the Berlin International Festival in the Forum section which won the annual award for Best Italian Film of 2000/2001 season awarded by the critical magazine Duel.
  • Bradipo – a twelve episode sitcom produced by MTV Europe.
  • The construction of Zobeide, taken from the invisible cities of Italo Calvino. The video and its installation were part of the collective exhibition Città In/visible set up at the Milan Triennale.
  • The documentary Senza tregua presented at the 60 Venice Film Festival in the section ‘New Territories’
  • The visual installation of the exhibition The Masters of Design, produced by Triennale di Milano and Piccolo Teatro di Milano for Europalia in Brussels.
  • The film Maledimiele, a special event at the 67th Venice Film Festival. It has received various awards including the Family Film, awarded in Venice, and the prize for Best Actress, won by Benedetta Gargari at the Annecy Festival.

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