Mark Culliton

Founder of College Bound Dorchester & Boston Uncornered

“As we age we cannot afford to allow what we know to define what is possible when striving for social justice. We must learn from our experience and share what knowledge we have attained, but we must be careful not to get set in our ways or stuck in our thinking. We must live into our years by continuing to explore and question and be curious and ensure that we are not living now dreaming about before. If we have the courage and humility, we can help yesterday’s truths become tomorrow’s memories and help usher in a better and more just world.”


As the founder of College Bound Dorchester, Mark is the vision behind the solution of Boston Uncornered. Before becoming CEO in 2007, he was Vice President for Business Development at Lighthouse Academies, Chief Operating Officer of B.E.L.L., among other roles in both the public and private sector.

Mark spent four years in India as a child and served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand for three and a half years following his graduation from the University of Michigan. Mark earned his MBA from Yale University. He serves on the board of Roxbury Community College.

He and his wife, Mary, are raising two teenage boys in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Easily obsessed, having run 3 marathons in crocs, you are likely to find him these days hanging upside down at his rock climbing gym.


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