North East Times / May 2022 / Internet of Caring Things

Our Programme Manager Jessica Dawes sat down with Colin Young to talk all things (get it?) IOCT.


“This is a call to action. We want businesses to think ‘aspiration not desperation’ when designing products and services. I want products I can use now, not just when I’m older. We want to overcome age-related prejudice and stereotypes, focusing not only on what is needed, but on understanding what is desired – what people like and what they care about, as well as what their stakeholders care about.”

Huge thanks to Steven Hugill, Christopher Owens, and the North East Times team for the fantastic spread. Check out the article: Jessica Dawes: The dawn of a new age – North East Times Magazine (

P.s. We’ve just released more tickets to our previously sold-out Internet Of Caring Things launch event. Join us next week: Introducing The North of Tyne Combined Authority- Internet of Caring Things Tickets, Wed 25 May 2022 at 08:30 | Eventbrite