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Sharing knowledge and harnessing the power of life transitions: where digital meets everyday life.

We are delivering and developing novel online-based contents allowing companies to harness the learning from employees in their life transitions and support individuals to access and share knowledge.


Global reach, individual impact. 

Our aim is to help as many organisations as possible to create a culture of care and understand and interpret the dynamics of ageing and longevity.

Through an evidence- and life-based approach, we offer a series of online tools in partnership with Lifeed which can unlock the skills that are nurtured through life experiences and apply them to the workplace.  These digital training programmes support clients to seize opportunities both to improve the quality of life for their employees and customers and to develop new business opportunities.

Our wider knowledge exchange programme incorporates a series of short courses developed by our in-house team on aspects of ageing and global longevity.

Digitising life experiences

By bringing together complementary skills, expertise and intelligence, Lifeed has been able to bring to market a new product that helps create a culture of care within an organisation.

The Lifeed programmes unlock the skills that are nurtured through caregiving such as stress management, patience, and self-confidence, and applies them to the workplace. The Life Based Learning method activates these skills.

It improves key skills by up to 35%, lowers stress levels (90% of participants feel “stronger”) and unlocks hidden talents. People feel like they can bring their whole selves to work and it increases their motivation and engagement.

Online Learning / offering

CARING / for employers and employees (in partnership with Lifeed)

We learn through caring. Family caregiving - whether for older adults, ill or dependent relatives - is a training ground for the development of soft skills. It harnesses skills developed through the caring experience and applies them to the workplace.

TRANSITIONS / for employers and employees along Covid-19 (in partnership with Lifeed)

Crisis, such as the global COVID-19 pandemic creates a life transition. It forces us to rethink personal, social and organizational aspects of our lives. This course supports companies and employees through change management and problem solving, using crisis to train a wide range of transferrable soft skills and improve well-being.

AGEING FOR INNOVATORS / an intro to ageing for all

A free online course where you can learn about the ageing population and its impact. The best starting point to understand more about the challenges and the opportunities of the Longevity Economy where you can learn about trajectories of global longevity, inequalities of ageing, opportunities of an ageing society.

DEMENTIA CARE / for family carers and health care professionals

A truly engaging course, created with academic experts, clinicians and people with lived experience of dementia, who feature in the videos, which offers a range of activities to suit all abilities. During the course participants gain an insight into how the brain works, the impact of different dementias, and discover techniques that can help to improve communication, and explore the effects of unmet needs on behaviour.

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Data and Insights

We merge human experience with research knowledge and market data, turning this into people-driven insight.

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Experience and Design

Translate insights into practical solutions through understanding real human experiences.

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We help identify the foreseeable and unexpected shifts leveraged by the demographic revolution.

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Our super-power? Connecting the invisible dots.

  • In ageing innovation, we design and develop with older adults and their stakeholders for older adults (but not just older adults).
  • We help organisations develop new business, products, and services. We translate research suggestions into actions and solutions.
  • We welcome ageing innovation ideas and techs, connect them with businesses, and help them to thrive.
  • We partner with global organisations to change the narrative.
  • We merge human and machines, providing powered insights.

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