Brian Pankiw

Chief Financial Officer


“The NICA proposition is unique. A business at the forefront of a new global economy – ageing. Partnering with an experienced leadership team, supported by enthusiastic knowledge experts creating truly innovative solutions, this is simply an opportunity not to be missed. And of course, I will be a consumer of their creativity – shortly!”

Brian is the Chief Financial Officer at NICA. He is responsible for all things finance with a focus on commercials, ensuring that service offerings are financially-optimised and underpinned by efficient processes, systems, and integrated financial modelling.

Brian’s experience spans a diverse range of business sectors, where he has supported fast-paced, growing and complex environments to flourish. From large corporates to SMEs, Brian has contributed at leadership level, partnering with cross-functional executives on financial performance, planning, and strategic growth and rationalisation projects. He has had ultimate responsibility for finance on a number of occasions including explosive growth and cash-challenged scenarios, demonstrating success via adaptability and delivery of objectives.



Our People

We deal with ageing and longevity. So we deal, first and foremost, with people - their relationship with society, the economy, politics and innovation. Our background is as diverse and holistic as the subject we deal with requires. This is us. Nice to meet you.