Xueying Xiong

Senior Innovation Associate


“To me, NICA is the place where those who care about older adults gather, listening to the needs of our VOICE members, and searching for and co-designing innovative products and services. I am privileged to be part of this team and I am enjoying the vivid working atmosphere”


Xueying is a Senior Innovation Associate at NICA. She joined the team in March 2021 with global insights in both academic and industrial environments. She is currently involved in a UK-China joint project that will benefit senior residents in both countries.

Xueying holds a PhD in planning and urban development from University of New South Wales and a MSc in real estate studies from University of Washington. Prior to joining academia, she worked as a consultant in commercial real estate industry for years. She is experienced in analysing both desk-based and field data, and providing solutions to a wide range of audiences.  She has particular interests in later-life migration, senior housing and ageing wellbeing studies.

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