Alex Mitchell

Programme Manager for VOICE and Strategic Partnerships


“We’re all ageing – every one of us – there’s no escaping it.  However, I’ve somehow found myself in the enviable position to work for an organisation at the forefront of making this a positive experience for all… not just the fortunate few.  I’m in my 30s, with parents in their 60s and grandparents in their 90s.  Every time I meet with one of our partners who are developing a new innovative product or service, I get genuinely excited.  Excited at the fact that each and every innovation has been co-designed with real people (VOICE) to make a game-changing difference to one of my loved ones – and their wider generation.”


Alex is the Programme Manager for VOICE and Strategic Partnerships at NICA. Responsible for the operational management of VOICE, Alex and the VOICE team strive to provide an exceptional experience to our members. Working with our partners and collaborators, Alex cultivates mutually beneficial relationships which are imperative to the delivery and achievement of NICA’s goals and ambitions. He also leads on building VOICE collaborations with research, innovation, and higher education institutions to encourage national and international join up of citizen involvement activity.

Prior to his role within NICA, Alex has worked in a variety of citizen involvement roles in the UK, creating and leading involvement initiatives and networks for Newcastle University and the National Institute of Health Research Innovation Observatory.

Having worked within the VOICE team for 5 years, Alex has a genuine passion for effective and meaningful citizen involvement in research and innovation to benefit ageing and the longevity economies. Where that involvement intersects with digital is a real interest and involved with the creation and delivery of the innovative VOICE digital platform, Alex strives to explore the best way we can use digital technologies to harness the experience, insights and knowledge of citizens to shape innovations of the future.






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