Sarah Nolan

Project Manager



“Working at NICA, I have the opportunity to see new technologies, products and ideas that will make a real difference to our lives in future.  I am constantly inspired by the creativity and ingenuity that is focussed on making the world better as we age. “


Sarah Nolan is the lead Project Manager for NICA’s UK-China Healthy Ageing Project. 

Funded by Innovate UK, this project supports UK businesses with products and services relating to mobility, gait or urban adaptations to enter China’s markets.  It stimulates innovation in both countries in respect to healthy ageing and maintaining independence, and develops an eco-system across the UK and Beijing of organisations in the innovation and longevity space.

Sarah has worked in Project Management for 14 years, initially in regional development and, more recently, in adolescent health research.  She joined NICA in 2016 to assist with its initial set-up and development and facilitated client input into the building of the Catalyst, NICA’s award-winning HQ in Newcastle.





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