Owen Wright

Senior Innovation Consultant


“I have always had a natural curiosity for what’s coming next, what will people do to stay healthy in 5 years? how will people live in 20 years? The longevity economy is one such area that offers an abundance of opportunities for both the public and businesses across the globe. I am excited to join NICA in connecting the dots; using world-class science, the VOICE network, and data to deliver valuable insights to drive innovation.”


Owen is a Senior Innovation Consultant at NICA. He joined NICA in March 2021 with extensive experience as a consultant and researcher within trend forecasting and horizoning, having worked with a range of SME and blue-chip companies globally.

Owen was awarded a first-class degree with honours in Product Design from Teesside University. He is experienced in the fields of consultancy, trend forecasting, business strategy and innovation, leveraging desk-based research, analysis and communication to deliver high-quality forecasts to a range of stakeholders and clients.

Owen is particularly interested in the intersections of technology and product design, exploring how innovation, human-centred design and horizoning can lead to superior products and services for all.


Email: owen.wright@newcastle.ac.uk

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