Paul Parravano


“Serious application of assistive technology concepts provides humanity with the skills, knowledge, creativity and talent to maximize health, independence, education, and safety for all. Technology offers us the tools to accomplish innovative goals for everyone, no matter their stage in life, or possible level of disability. NICA is perfectly equipped to power the next generation of imagination and wisdom to achieve new heights in this critical arena. I am honoured to be a member of the Strategic Advisory Board, which can guide a transformation of how we view people with disabilities.”

Paul’s role in the Office of Government and Community Relations involves guiding and fostering communication and understanding between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and all levels of government, major constituency groups, and MIT’s surrounding community. Paul works closely with the MIT Washington office, accompanying MIT’s President on visits to Washington, to meet with leadership from the federal government.

Locally, Paul works to strengthen MIT’s involvement in science education with schools and non-profits through a growing list of partnerships. Both in Washington and locally, Paul’s most critical task is to represent the Institute in a personal way as a resource for knowledge, neighbourly support, and the advancement of MIT’s mission.

Prior to MIT, Paul worked as a legal adviser in a civil rights consulting firm in the Boston area, providing advice and consultation for corporations on the implementation of civil rights regulations. He received his undergraduate degree from Harvard University and a law degree from Northeastern University School of Law. Paul likes to highlight his strong affinity for soccer, barbecue, and appreciation for the Great Lakes where he grew up. His greatest delight flows from his family, which includes his daughters, Emily and Eleanora, and his wife Martha.

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