Poppy Hudson

Innovation Consultant - NTCA Internet of Caring Things



Poppy Hudson


“As technology rapidly advances and the world around us changes, it is important that we ask the question ‘How could these innovations improve the way we live our lives?’.  I am excited to be part of the Internet of Caring Things, and work to maintain cross-generational conversations about what healthy longevity should look like, as well as assisting businesses in the North of Tyne region to realise their potential role in healthy longevity.”

Poppy is an Innovation Consultant for the North of Tyne Combined Authority’s Internet of Caring Things Programme at NICA. She joined the team in December 2022.

Prior to joining NICA, Poppy studied Biosciences at Undergraduate level, completing a project in ‘Public Engagement in Science’ where she worked with sufferers of chronic pain to promote ‘self-management’ methods.

Email: poppy.hudson@newcastle.ac.uk

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