Catherine Butcher

Knowledge Exchange Manager


“Throughout my career I’ve been privileged to work with people of all walks of life, ages and backgrounds.  I have been inspired by people’s unique stories, hearing about their experiences, challenges and aspirations and now have the great opportunity at NICA to embed these invaluable insights in everything we do. At NICA I’m surrounded by a fantastic team of colleagues and partners each bringing different talents, experience and creativity to our collective whole – it’s a wonderful place to be.”


Catherine is Knowledge Exchange Manager for NICA and she is the Project Manager for VOICE, dedicated to exploring citizen insights, experience, and involvement. She works on a diverse portfolio of projects, currently leading on an innovative life-based learning programme which has a focus on maximising the skills and competencies we all acquire though our human, lived experience.  

An experienced Project Manager and facilitator, Catherine has worked for over 15 years in community-based research and evaluation, specialising in participatory approaches. Her career has spanned multiple industries, beginning as a researcher within the UK Police Force, before moving on to project development and management roles in local government, the charitable sector, and academic institutions.

Catherine is committed to finding ways of harnessing lived experiences and ideas. She works to ensure that Ageing Intelligence® is both recognised and valued as a component in the design, innovation, and success of the next generation of products and services for a healthier, more productive society.




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