Apoorva Jain

IoCT Human Experience Designer


As our realities continue to evolve, I am fortunate to be in a team of change-makers working with forward-thinking businesses to shape the future with Longevity and Inclusivity. My work at NICA addresses UX through intergenerational lens to respond to the ever-evolving needs of humans of every age and ability, by delving deeper into behaviors and culture, to design a universal digital landscape for all 🚀


“People ignore designs that ignores people.” — Frank Chimero.


Apoorva is the Human Experience Designer for Internet of Caring Things programme at NICA. While designing, she likes to approach people not just as users, but humans. She is motivated to change traditional ageism perceptions through re-imagined positive intergenerational connections and infuse this strategy at the heart of innovation for businesses. Working alongside innovation consultants, she is driving the UX discovery with Voice® community using human-centred methodologies to inform decision-making and co-create age-friendly digital products and services that enhance life as we age. In her day-to-day work, she’s designing workshops to discover user needs and behaviours, sitting next to a wall with sticky notes mapping out insights, creating personas, employing UX/UI tools and co-designing with real citizens to create deeply fulfilling digital experiences. Apoorva is a graduate of MA (with distinction) in Design Management from Coventry University.


Her current subjects of interest include gamification, hyper personalisation with real-time data, ‘phygital’ experiences and connected devices.


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We deal with ageing and longevity. So we deal, first and foremost, with people - their relationship with society, the economy, politics and innovation. Our background is as diverse and holistic as the subject we deal with requires. This is us. Nice to meet you.