Donovan Aguilar Dominguez

IoCT Data Scientist


I am a Data Scientist with a background that includes completing my PhD in Energy Storage at The University of Sheffield in the UK, after earning my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from UAM – Azcapotzalco in Mexico. My academic journey and practical experience have equipped me with a solid foundation in data science, enabling me to derive insights from complex datasets to address tangible problems. I am deeply committed to utilising my skills to make a positive societal impact, particularly through the application of data science to tackle real-world issues.

I am thrilled about being part of a team focused on improving life quality as individuals age. Leveraging my data analysis expertise, I aim to uncover patterns and trends that could inspire ground breaking solutions for healthy ageing. My aim is to have a significant positive impact on lives and help advance our understanding in this area.



Our People

We deal with ageing and longevity. So we deal, first and foremost, with people - their relationship with society, the economy, politics and innovation. Our background is as diverse and holistic as the subject we deal with requires. This is us. Nice to meet you.